Unable to find Wallmart in my application


I am an existing implementer of APPSeConnect and want to integrate wallmart with an existing SAP B1 solution. But when I try to add Wallmart in the account, I am unable to find the same in the list.

Could you please help me on how we can do this.

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Debashree 2 years 1 Answer 1194 views Beginner 0

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  1. To work with wallmart, you have 2 options :

    1. Either you are not in a right plan, ask your administrator or the contact person from APPSeCONNECT to help you to change your plan, or write to support@appseconnect.com.
    2. We do not support the app as prepackaged currently. In case of wallmart, this option is ruled out, as we are currently supporting the Wallmart app.

    So please share the details of your account, we can check the permissions on the account based on the plan your account is in, and then can help you address this kind of scenario.

    Please let us know if you need any more help from us.

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