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I am an existing user of APPSeCONNECT and I used to get daily emails which states the failures and success data. The report is important because it gives me an overall insight of the whole integration.

The report I was getting provides me :

1. Failure Counts.
2. Success Counts.
3. Any other.

Could you please help me to reconfigure the account such that I could start receiving the same again.

Thanks anyway.

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  1. Hi Arpit,

    Thank you for your question. The latest version of Agent works differently than the one which was working before.

    We have made the solution generic, which uses the power of Rules to actually process the response. Rest assured, the rule is automatically activated for each and every organization, that means if you do an update configuration, you will be getting it downloaded and the Rule will be executed automatically.

    But we download only for the organizations which are live. If you are in production live and still you are unable to find morning mails, please ask your implementer to either configure it for you or if you are an implementer, you can follow the steps :

    1. Open APPSeCONNECT portal.
    2. Click on Home, and select Manage Projects.
    3. Search the project by name or email id.
    4. Click on Change Status of the project.
    5. Change it to “Go-Live”.

    After the settings is setup, the Rule will be downloaded.

    In addition, we also give you an option to get a detailed reporting of errors daily. If you want to configure for your organization, you can select Rules and Choose “Details Error Reporting”. This rule needs to be activated manually, and if you have activated and downloaded the configuration in local Agent, you will get an additional report daily with details. For this report, we also give you an option to schedule according to your need.

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