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We are having an issue with a raw query which has some accent data.  We are using SAP B1 adapter execute query function for the same.

Ex: Update OCRD set U_PersonName= ‘Michał Paner’ where Cardcode = ‘C1234’

it updates person name as Michal Paner without any accent letter (ł is an accent letter in this example).

Can you please help us.

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Shankar 3 years 1 Answer 1469 views Beginner 0

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  1. Hi Shankar,

    Thank you for your question.

    The SQL Queries always type cast the parameters as VarChar when you pass it in a clause. But as you know Varchar is only limited to ASCII characters, you need to compare using NVarchar strings in SQL Server.

    Use this code below:
    Update OCRD set CardName= N"jkl mno" where Cardcode = "ABCD"

    The additional N prefixed before the CardName setter of OCRD will ensure the data is stored in NVarchar and never convert it to ASCII.

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