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Recently I have cleared all the environments from the environment list in my portal such that unnecessary items are removed. But by this way, I have removed my testing environment as well.

Thus when I am trying to add the same agent again by logging in, I saw the agent is not getting connected again. Please help what I am missing here.

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  1. Hi Utpal,

    Thank you for this question. Yes, we investigated the problem you are facing and it seems to be there in production.

    Here is an workaround:
    1. If you have deleted the environment, Login to the environment using the same credential.
    2. It will successfully login.
    3. Go to Portal, Login using the same credentials.
    4. Go to Manage – > Environment.
    5. You should see the environment newly added is listed there again.
    6. Click on the Enviroment in the list and Select Attach from the right hand corner button.

    Once the environment is attached, you will have to go to the Environment again, open settings from right menu in On Premise Agent and then Enable AutoSync.
    Note: If the Enable AutoSync is already checked, please uncheck it first and then ReEnable it. Once you do, your environment will be reattached, and you can use all the functionalities of that environment from cloud.

    I hope this workaround will help you fixing the present issue, we have already reported this issue and will update when we have a fix.

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