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APPSeCONNECT community provides a new way for integration super heros connect the external world. Join hands together to build a community of people to help each other, solve problems or share knowledge.

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User Groups
The User Group program enables customers, partners, and team members to regularly engage in-person and discuss products, processes, features, functionalities, best practices, tips and tricks, and much more. These events are intended to provide year-round customer engagement and training opportunities and support in building out the #Community. All customers are welcome to attend a User Group meeting sales and business partners may also attend, but the intention of these events is to bolster engagement among existing customers by driving ongoing dialogue and education as opposed to driving new business. User Group meetings vary in size but typically range from 15-40 attendees. User Group events are primarily held at customer sites and/or locations.

How do I join a User Group?
There are several ways to get involved:

  1. Visit the User Group page, find your local or vertical based User Group, and click the Join button.  You will need your Boomi Customer Community login information in order to get involved.
  2. Visit the Events page, find a local, vertical, or virtual based User Group meetup and register to attend.  Customer Community login access not required.
  3. Email to request a local User Group in your city or to learn about other opportunities to get engaged.

User group events are typically 2-4 hours and feature a mix of customer, partner, and speakers. We have typically 2-3 Customer Speakers, one Partner Speaker and one expert speaker at user group meetings. Partner speakers may cover everything from the state of the industry, to trends, to specific use cases and customer stories. speakers present on features and functionalities, as well as roadmap information when available. Product demos, real world experiences, new and interesting use cases, tips and tricks, and optimization techniques have also been presented at previous events.

Customer Speakers
Customer speakers will feature use cases and first-hand experiences of their implementations. These speakers will typically have 15 – 20 minutes of content in a PowerPoint presentation with 10 minutes of questions from the attendees. While we do request a PowerPoint from customer speakers prior to the meeting, the user group meetings are rather informal in that we encourage questions and interaction between attendees and presenters throughout their presentations.

What we look for in Customer Speakers
Boomi customers who have been involved in the integration process and roll out of Boomi who can highlight challenges/benefits/successes encountered in that process. Looking for real life, firsthand knowledge of Boomi and customers who will be comfortable getting up in front of peers and talking about Boomi.

Tips for Customer Speakers
The following information may be helpful when building your presentation:

  • What led you/your organization to use APPSeCONNECT?
  • What aspects of have you found particularly useful in your work? Has the APPSeCONNECT community helped you along the way in this process?
  • Do you have a success story about APPSeCONNECT ? Describe the process which led to your success.
  • What challenges or hurdles have you encountered in using APPSeCONNECT ?
  • What does the future use of APPSeCONNECT look like for you and your organization?

Benefits of being a Customer Speaker
Customer speakers are recognized with Boomi giveaways and might in the future receive online acknowledgement for speaking contributions. Additionally, if customer speakers are willing to share their PowerPoint presentations and have their presentation recorded, those will be posted to their user group online after their meeting.

How do I volunteer to become a Customer Speaker?
If you are interested in volunteering to speak at an upcoming User Group, please email with your request.

Interested in becoming a User Group leader?
If you are looking for more information on becoming a User Group leader, please visit the User Group Leader Guide.

APPSeCONNECT User Groups & Partner Involvement
If you are a Boomi Partner and interested in contributing to an upcoming User Group, please review the Partner Guidelines and then email with your request.