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APPSeCONNECT runs with Manual Sync but cannot run in Auto mode

Auto-sync is a new feature added to APPSeCONNECT Agent which allows the user to configure the auto-sync service and the service will run independently at an interval defined beforehand. The auto-sync runs on a background service, completely separate from the Agent process thus offloading the work from agent to a service. 

There may be few of the situations when you see auto-sync service is not working :

  1. No connection is placed in Sync panel. If a connection is not in sync panel, it would not run in autosync mode. 
  2. The password is changed for the user, In such a case, you need to first stop the Service, open Agent and re-login with new credentials. 
  3. Service is running in an account which does not have permission to write data inside Program files folder. In this situation, go to “Services.msc”, find Insync Autorunner service, right click and go to properties. Change the User details to an administrative account and accept. When service gets restarted, it will automatically start sync operation.

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