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Amazon MWS API Order Skipped Missing Fixed

Amazon MWS API Order Skipped Missing Fixed

The ListOrders operation returns a list of orders created or updated during a time frame that you specify. You define that time frame using the CreatedAfter parameter or the LastUpdatedAfter parameter. You must use one of these parameters, but not both. You can also apply a range of filtering criteria to narrow the list of orders that is returned. The ListOrders operation includes order information for each order returned, including AmazonOrderId, OrderStatus, FulfillmentChannel, and LastUpdateDate.


Name Description Required Values
NextToken A generated string used to pass information to your next request. If NextToken is returned, pass the value of NextToken to ListOrdersByNextToken. If NextToken is not returned, there are no more orders to return. No Type: xs:string

This will help you to list all orders in a certain range of time and orders will not be missed in response API.

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  1. Generally for most of the APIs of Amazon, the NextToken is an important consideration. The next token will allow to list paged data.
    Thanks for letting this know, liked the post.

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